CUI Prototyping for Healthy Food Delivery

Healthy Food Delivery


Ordering food for delivery can be a difficult task for people with dietary restrictions. When choosing what to order, the flood of decisions is further complicated by the extra research on ingredients and nutrition facts. At the same time, many restaurants are investing in conversational interfaces to modernize their order flow and increase sales.

How might we enable people with dietary restrictions to safely and healthily order food for delivery from a conversational user interface (CUI)?




Carrie is a CUI to help people with dietary restrictions order meals for delivery. The system can pull from a personal food profile or pair with third party apps to suggest and order the best meal for you. Carrie also capitalizes on the benefits of CUI technology, by allowing for hands-free use and seamlessly handling interruptions in the conversation.

We utilized the experience prototyping method with 4 users to smooth out the conversational flow and uncover opportunities for future iterations. Above is a demo video we created of a scenario using Carrie to show to stakeholders and elicit more feedback.



Carrie capitalizes on the current benefits of CUI technology by remaining hands-free and screen-less. This allows users to continue with other activities uninterrupted while they place their order.


Pause and Save

Carrie operates as a continuous conversation so that the user doesn't need to say the wake word every time they want to respond to the assistant. Carrie handles interruptions with a quick command, and save orders in progress to come back to later.


Keep Users on Track

Carrie makes suggestions based on the user's personal food profile and integrates with third party apps like WeightWatchers to help keep users on track throughout the day. She will make sure users know when they are over their point limit and offers alternatives.


User Feedback


I showed the concept video to 5 potential users and gathered useful feedback for future iterations.

  • Everyone agreed that the third party data integration and hands-free use case is appealing.
  • Users also like that Carrie narrows their choices from the beginning, but would have liked to know she was considering their diet from the start.
  • Overall, the conversation grew tedious for all users in one way or another. One user thought it just went on too long, while another thought the audio cues were too long for something that repeats so often.