Discovery Through Design for Real Estate

This 6-month project resulted in the successful launch of a feature that allowed real estate agents to submit offers simply and securely online. Researching and designing a feature for real estate agents - a role that is both high-touch sales and highly regulated - proved to be an interesting and complex challenge. As a UX team-of-one at an early-stage startup, I worked closely with product leadership to define the requirements for this new feature, designed iteratively through regular user feedback, and gathered insights to fine tune the feature during beta testing.


Assessing an Early-Stage Mixed Reality Tool

In 8 weeks, I conducted evaluative testing on an early-stage mixed reality product for a Fortune 500 company. After 2 years of developing this cutting-edge product, the team was stalled with no direction for how to move forward. I led a team of 3 researchers to define research goals, designed a mixed-methods protocol to test with multiple participants at once, and coordinated synthesis. The research resulted in greater clarity on usage scenarios, prioritized usability improvements, and suggested areas for future research to keep the team moving forward.


Building the Habit of Mentoring for a Non-Profit

My team of 5 researchers and designers worked closely with a non-profit organization to research the current state of their mentoring program, and mentorship in general. The goal of the project was to envision a future solution to increase the number of mentors working with youth in the area around Pittsburgh, PA. I served as Research Advisor as we gathered foundational knowledge through a literature review and extensive interviews and observations, and later evaluated our design ideas through iterative design and testing. This 8-month project resulted in a mentor training conceptual model and a robust prototype of a mobile app aimed at helping adults identify as mentors and access activity-based training.


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