Kate Carey_headshot.jpg

Dedicated to creating technology with people and communities in mind

For me, working in human-centered design for technology is the most rewarding, impactful, and stimulating work possible. It's here that we can dramatically improve people's lives and solve the problems worth solving. 

I am currently an Experience Researcher at EchoUser, a research and design agency based in San Francisco. In prior roles I have been the scrappy UX team-of-one and part of research organizations at large, consumer tech companies. In all my roles, I enjoy representing the voice of the user at the table with business, product, and engineering partners.

I hold a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University, where I focused on iterative design processes and user research for emerging technologies.

Outside of work I enjoy creating music, trying out new recipes, fantasizing about tiny houses, and traveling around the world!